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BOLI-ODOT $$’ s Opportunity

This is a great opportunity! By attending this budget class apprentices can increase their benefits in the BOLI-ODOT Support Services Program. Example: if receiving the childcare support, attending this class will increase your benefits by a thousand dollars. If you are a first year apprentice and need to get assistance to travel more than 60 miles to perform your trade, attending this class increases the funding you can receive for all the travel support services.

Attending this class also provides the opportunity to network with and get to know other apprentices working out there, as well as learn about more benefits of the BOLI-ODOT Support Services Program.

BOLI-ODOT Budget Class

June 13, 2015 at 9:00am 

Everyone must be on time! The building is locked on weekends. Everyone will be escorted in at the same time.

Location:  6400 SE Lake Road, 2nd floor conference room

Please enter to the N. Parking lot, it has the entrance with no stairs to get in the building.

Space is limited, first come, first serve. Filling up Fast!

Please email or call Penny to reserve your seat.


Direct (503) 205-4769  or Cell (503) 278-6519

For more information regarding the program contact  penny.painter@akana.us or call 503.652.9090.


Recent Events

  • June 13, 2015 at 9:00 AM – BOLI-ODOT Budget Class – Location:  Akana Office:  6400 SE Lake Road, Second Floor Conference Room, Portland OR  97222

    Contact penny.painter@akana.us or call 503.652.9090 for more information regarding the program.


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