Ash Meadows Visitor Center Commissioning

Ash Meadows Visitor Center Commissioning

Akana is currently providing commissioning services for a 11,000 square foot Office and Visitor Center located in Amargosa Valley of Nevada, developing the commissioning plan and writing the commissioning specifications for the project, conducting client workshops to define evolving design requirements and leading commissioning meetings for the team to capture all of the necessary documentation to meet the project goals.  The building is being targeted as a LEED Gold accreditation building, and Akana is providing the Advanced Commissioning segment of the project to achieve this goal.

Akana is participating in the commissioning services from pre-design through post construction warranty of the site.  Beginning at the pre-design stage, Akana is leading the effort to develop the OPR (Owners Project Requirements) which will set the stage for the BOD (Basis of Design) documents used by the design team to create a building that will meet the LEED requirement goals and serve the client in their conceptualized use and needs of the building. The services and systems being commissioned include fire life safety, electrical, water, septic, communications, security, HVAC, civil disciplines (pedestrian walkways, parking, and entry road), potable water treatment, building automation, emergency backup power, and Solar Energy photo voltaic systems.  As part of the LEED goals, a greywater recycling system is being incorporated into the design, initially visualized for irrigation of the site.  After substantial completion of the project, Akana will conduct a 10-month site visit/inspection to validate systems operations and identify any warranty issues for the client.

Project Details

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Services Rendered

  • Commissioning
  • LEED Enhanced Commissioning
  • LEED Gold
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