Auburn Site Utilities Study

Auburn Site Utilities Study

Akana engineers conducted a study of the GSA Auburn Complex site utilities, including analysis of the condition and remaining useful life of water, sewer, stormwater, fire protection, electrical, natural gas, communications, and fuel storage and distribution.  The Complex consists of an administration Building, eight warehouse buildings, GSA Childcare Center, a flammable storage building, privately owned vehicle (POV) Facility, Water Tower, and pumphouse.

The project was initiated with a Research and Investigation Phase, during which available documentation was compiled and examined, and the results presented in a comprehensive CAD drawing showing location and type of site utilities, components, and sub-systems.  Based on the results, Akana engineers will develop a strategic plan for improvements to potable water, electrical power, wastewater, stormwater runoff system, fire service and gas.  Three options for utility upgrades and/or improvements to each system will be analyzed and a preferred option recommended, along with an estimate of the cost to improve.

Project Details

U.S. General Administration Services
Auburn, WA

Services Rendered

  • Condition Assessment
  • Strategic Improvements Plan
  • Cost Estimating and Prioritization of Improvements
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