Structural Integrity Assessments

Structural Integrity Assessments

Akana’s structural engineering team provided structural integrity assessment services to Barrick Gold of North America, Inc. which operates mining ventures at numerous locations throughout North America.  The project involved visual structural assessment of designated structures, an analysis of the assessment results and field observations, and recommendations for remediation of observed deficiencies.

For each structure, we identified specific structures within each facility, and identified the causes of damage or deterioration, such as corrosion, exposure to harsh environments or impacts from other operations, and the severity of the condition.   Findings and recommendations were presented in a separate report for each inspected facility detailing the methodology, assessment criteria, and results.


Project Details

Barrick Gold of North America
Elko, NV

Services Rendered

  • Structural Integrity Assessments
  • Remediation Recommendations
  • Report Preparation
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