Blue Heron Paper Mill Decommissioning

Blue Heron Paper Mill Decommissioning

NRI Global has completed work at the closed Blue Heron Paper Mill to prepare the site for additional uses by removing, salvaging, and repairing different components of the Mill.  Akana provided civil, structural and environmental engineering services to NRI Global on several projects related to decommissioning of the mill.

  • Water Intake Pipe Decommissioning – Akana prepared a decommissioning plan for two water intake pipes emanating from the dam facility located at the Blue Heron Paper Mill Site.  In association with Northwest Underwater construction, an underwater survey of the dam was conducted which evaluated silt build up; identified location, size and condition of all dam penetrations; identified the location of leaks from the penstock; and evaluated dam surface conditions. Based upon survey results, a decommissioning plan and design will be prepared.
  • Water System Modifications – Akana provided preliminary engineering and evaluation of a water system involving the integration of a river water source into the water main feeding the plant to reduce leakage. The system modification will include an automated system to utilize municipal water supplies to maintain system pressure for fire safety purposes.
  • Tank Removal/Decommissioning – Akana conducted a structural engineering evaluation of the removal/decommissioning of a piece of equipment from Building Mill-C at the mill site. As the tank removal may impact the structural integrity of existing buildings, Akana conducted a site visit and evaluated the structural integrity of the building.

Project Details

NRI Global
Oregon City, OR

Services Rendered

  • Decommissioning
  • Structural Integrity Assessment
  • Underwater Investigation
  • Pulp and Paper
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