Columbia Blvd. Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester Expansion

Columbia Blvd. Wastewater Treatment Plant Digester Expansion

Akana engineers provided civil and structural design support to Brown and Caldwell for this digester expansion project for the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services, including the Digester Control Building and the site surrounding the existing facility and proposed expansion.

During the predesign phase, we evaluated the existing digester mixing, mixing systems for the new digesters, and structural alternatives for the digesters and the control building.  The building consists of a concrete structure partially buried and set in between the new and existing tanks, with provisions for future upward expansion.  Special consideration was given to avoiding structural contact with existing facilities that were constructed in the late 1970’s, avoiding the need to seismically upgrade the existing structures.   Structural design also included accommodation for an eco-roof system that is tied to site facilities for storm drainage and treatment, and civil design incorporated site features such as pervious pavement that allows rainfall to be absorbed into the soil and treatment swales to treat potentially contaminated runoff.


Project Details

Brown and Caldwell for the City of Portland
Portland, OR

Services Rendered

  • Process Engineering
  • Civil Site Design
  • Structural Engineering and Design
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