Columbia River Treaty Fishing Access Sites

Columbia River Treaty Fishing Access Sites

Tribal access to historical fishing grounds, guaranteed to Tribes by treaties formed in the mid-1800s, was lost due to dam construction along the Columbia River system.  The Columbia River Treaty Fishing Access Sites (CRTFAS) Program was implemented to restore those rights to Tribes.  The project spanned over 25 years of legislation, planning, design, and construction, and involved projects along nearly 150 miles of the Columbia River, from Bonneville Dam to the foot of McNary Dam between the states of Oregon and Washington.

Of the 31 fishing sites completed under the CRTFAS Program, Akana planners, engineers, and construction specialists provided A/E services for 15 of them, as well as for redevelopment of Celilo Village, the only residential area included in the Program.  In addition to marine structures such as floating docks and boat basins, amenities for the fishing sites included vehicle/trailer parking, campground facilities, and fish cleaning stations.

The historic and cultural significance of sites was a major factor in design.  Working closely with the Army Corps of Engineers, archaeologists, tribal elders, and historians throughout the project, we developed a non-intrusive design approach that avoided or minimized excavation in areas that may contain cultural resources and minimized the potential for disturbance.  At Celilo Village, new housing was designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, reflecting the character of the river and the rolling hills and providing each home with a view of the river.

Environmental concerns also impacted design.  At several sites, vegetation habitat and water areas that were important to mammals, birds, and waterfowl were identified, and these considerations were incorporated into site planning, design and construction.   For example, a floating dock was designed to allow fish passage in shallow water conditions.  And, at one site, a large oil-contaminated dune area was remediated, stabilized and revegetated.

Project Details

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Portland District, OR

Services Rendered

  • Tribal and Agency Coordination
  • Civil Engineering and Design
  • Structural Engineering and Design
  • Environmental Site Investigations
  • Regulatory Support/Environmental Permitting
  • Construction Management
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