Oil and Gas Drill Pad Due Diligence

Oil and Gas Drill Pad Due Diligence

Akana has developed a strong working relationship with E&E performing due diligence for drilling pad sites in shale plays in Texas as well as Phase I and Phase II due diligence for oil and gas acquisitions. Conducted a review of documents within a virtual data room as well as reviewed past spill reports as part of due diligence for oil and gas acquisitions.

Akana has performed field and desktop review of pipeline ROWs prior to construction and prepares Pipeline Impact Evaluation Reports to make determinations for the presence of potential receptors such as wetlands, jurisdictional water bodies, endangered species, natural resources, cultural resources, and historic sites. Pipeline Impact Evaluations are prepared in order to circumvent the necessity for additional permitting or to identify if Section 401 and 404 permitting is necessary, to aid in route determination of ROWs, and to assist in the determination of minimal environmental impact.

Coordination of Spill Response and responding to spills to perform delineation and reporting to the Oil and Gas Commission as required.

Preparation of SPCC plans including performing SPCC inspections, berm calculations, and annual SPCC Audits and facility diagrams for oil and gas production facilities.

Project Details

Energy and Exploration

Services Rendered

  • Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I/II)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Section 401 and 404 Permitting
  • SPCC
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