Ft. Lewis Truss Inspections

Ft. Lewis Truss Inspections

Ft. Lewis Truss InspectionAkana structural engineers provided engineering and inspection of nine buildings located at Fort Lewis in Lacey, Washington.  The buildings were constructed between 1942 and 1950, some of which are more than 6 acres in area.  The purpose of the inspection was to review the condition of the trusses and to identify deficiencies and possible overloaded conditions that could affect the building’s life safety considerations.

We developed a method to visually assess each truss and assign a discrete identifier to it.  Cracked, split or otherwise damaged members were correspondingly identified and prioritized with a suggested repair method.  As part of this evaluation, a database was developed to file and retrieve information on each of the more than 800 individual trusses, which included a description of deficiencies, an assessment of its condition, and photographs.

Project Details

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Lacey, WA

Services Rendered

  • Structural Integrity Assessments
  • Repair Recommendations
  • Database Development
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