Gila River Transportation Capital Improvement Program

Gila River Transportation Capital Improvement Program

Akana transportation planners assisted the Tribe’s Department of Transportation establish their first five-year capital improvements program for the implementation of road improvements to tribal roads and to BIA system roads.

As part of this process, the firm developed a pavement management program to maximize benefits from maintenance expenditures and to determine which roads will need reconstruction and need to be included in the Transportation Improvement Program.  In addition, the firm has completed GPS data collection on approximately 500 miles of BIA, state, county, and tribal roads.  This data will be used to update the BIA mapping for the Gila River Indian Community.  In addition to road centerline data, signs, utilities, culverts, and buildings were identified and located.

Project Details

Gila River Indian Community
Sacaton, AZ

Services Rendered

  • Capital Improvements Programming
  • Transportation Planning
  • Pavement Management Program
  • Public/Agency Outreach
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