Hoh Reservation Transportation Plan

Hoh Reservation Transportation Plan

Akana planners assisted the Hoh Indian Tribe in updating their long-range transportation plan, including an IRR inventory and preparation of RIFDS submittals, development of a long-range transportation plan, and development of a transportation improvement program to implement high-priority, short-range projects.

Due to its location and frequent torrential rains, 90 percent of the original Reservation is located with a flood zone and has flooded repeatedly in the past.  In addition, almost all of the original reservation is within a tsunami impact zone.  Consequently, the majority of the projects recommended under the plan are additions to the road network directed at meeting the critical objective to relocate community facilities and housing to higher ground out of the tsunami impact area.

Akana also is currently assisting the Tribe in development of a Local Roads Safety Plan.  Initial planning efforts focus on establishing plan leadership and a Working Group to guide plan development and implementation, collecting and analyzing safety data, and identifying key emphasis areas and potential strategies to address them.  Future updates of the Plan will be able to focus on more specific problems and appropriate countermeasures at specific locations.

Project Details

Hoh Indian Tribe
Forks, WA

Services Rendered

  • Long-range Transportation Planning
  • Transportation Improvements Programming
  • Road Inventory and Database Updates
  • Traffic Counts
  • Transit Plan Development
  • Public/Agency Involvement
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