Emergency Action Plan Updates

Emergency Action Plan Updates

Under our A/E Design Services contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Water and Power, Akana engineers are providing technical assistance and support to revise and exercise Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) s for 17 dams owned by Tribes in Arizona, New Mexico, and Montana.  Services have ranged from complete revision of an existing EAP, to updating and exercising the EAP with a Tabletop or Functional, and in some cases providing inundation mapping and related services.

  • San Carlos Reservation Dams EPA Updates – Updating existing EAPs to new format and conducting a HSEEP compliant exercise. Inundation mapping data collection and review will be conducted for the Dry Lake, Upper Point of Pines, Point of Pines, Tufa Stone and Elgo Dam structures.
  • Task B: Charley Dam EAP – Though Charley Dam is technically breached, it is still in the BIA’s inventory. Based on modifications made to the spillway, downstream channel alternatives must be evaluated. Selecting a new downstream channel configuration will aid in the FPC and exercise. Channel alternatives will focus on restoring the channel to a natural streambed and channel alignment.
  • Task C: Flathead Reservation EAP Updates – The existing Flathead EAPs will be reformatted in the new BIA SOD format. Updated EAPs will aid BIA SOD in evaluating specific needs.

Project Details

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Water and Power

Services Rendered

  • Project Management
  • EAP Review, Revision, and Update
  • Exercise Design, Development and Delivery
  • Inundation Mapping Related Services
  • Report Preparation
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