Comprehensive Safety of Dams Reviews

Comprehensive Safety of Dams Reviews

Under our A/E Design Services contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Water and Power, we are performing Comprehensive Reviews (CR) and Periodic Reviews (PR) at 19 high- and significant-hazard dams on 8 reservations in Arizona and New Mexico.  The purpose of the reviews is to provide an assessment of the safety of each dam and its appurtenant structures.

Each CR is based on a review of previous CR reports as well as other previous studies and available documentation, previous inspections, current on-site inspections and engineering judgement.  The process also includes evaluating the potential failure modes and potential consequences of failure for each dam.   Akana’s team of dam inspection and dam safety review specialists review the Emergency Action Plans and Standing Operating Procedures for each dam, conduct on-site inspections, prepare final reports, and conduct briefings with BIA.  While the purpose of CRs and PRs is the same, the assessments performed as part of a PR are significantly less comprehensive, focusing on the on-site inspection to evaluate and document current dam condition and to identify updates or re-evaluations needed in the next CR.  All reviews are scheduled for completion in 2015.


Project Details

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Water and Power
AZ and NM

Services Rendered

  • Project Management
  • Existing EAP and SOP Evaluation
  • On-Site Inspections
  • Failure Mode Evaluation
  • Final Report Preparation
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