Moving Falls Fish Trap and Passage

Moving Falls Fish Trap and Passage

Akana civil and structural engineers provided design services for construction of a fish ladder equipped with a fish trap around the Moving Falls grade control structures to collect spring Chinook salmon and steelhead brood stock and manage fisheries.  The project was one of two fish facility upgrade projects we completed for the Warm Springs Confederated Tribes.  Both projects are part of the Hood River Production Program (HRPP), a Bonneville Power Administration funded program jointly implemented by the Tribes and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to restore salmon populations throughout the Columbia River Basin.

Design and construction of the facilities addressed already completed design of structure maintenance and a spring Chinook smolt acclimation facility also located at Moving Falls.  Structural design accommodated high and variable stream  flows, as well as a high stream debris load during  runoff and high flow events.  In addition to the Tribe, other users included Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife for trapping and sorting, and NOAA/NMFS for meeting current passage criteria.  Permitting efforts also involved U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, and Oregon Division of State Lands.

The second of the two upgrade projects involved water supply improvements at the Parkdale Fish Facility, including developing and plumbing two test wells located west of the existing facility to supply incubation trays in the hatchery building and new rearing troughs located near the acclimation ponds.

Project Details

Warm Springs Confederated Tribes
West Fork Hood River, Parkdale, OR

Services Rendered

  • Land use planning
  • Civil and Structural Infrastructure Evaluation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Community outreach
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