Reservoir Historic Structures Reports

Reservoir Historic Structures Reports
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The reservoirs at Mt. Tabor Park and Washington Park in Portland, Oregon are considered to be historically significant as part of the City’s water system first established in the early 1890s. They exemplify early concrete engineering construction technology and architectural design of an open water storage system.

To ensure preservation of the historic features at each reservoir, Akana personnel worked with the City to develop Reservoir Historic Structure Reports which document a comprehensive overall condition assessment of the historic features and provide a strategy for their continued preservation. A total of 26 historic features at the two sites were reviewed, including reservoirs, gatehouses, operational buildings, and site structures and objects, both above and below ground, interior and exterior. Based on the findings, alternative treatment methods to address deficiencies were identified and prioritized, and an implementation plan was developed for continued maintenance and preservation.

To ensure a comprehensive condition assessment of historic features, Akana fielded a multi-disciplined team – an architect to review the overall condition of buildings and structures, a structural engineer to identify pertinent structural deficiencies, and a civil engineer to review operational concerns. Each assessment included a description of the facilities, discussion of the operations, photos, and an itemized list of apparent deficiencies. Next, recommendations for improvements and a plan to implement the preferred alternatives were developed along with prioritization of major repairs and an ongoing maintenance plan.

In conjunction with preparation of the Reports, Akana personnel interviewed City operations and engineering staff and stakeholder groups such as the local neighborhood associations, to identify existing operational, maintenance, or condition issues related to the facilities and met with these and other community members in at key points in the project to review report findings, alternatives, and recommendations.

Project Details

City of Portland Water Bureau
Portland, OR

Services Rendered

  • Civil/structural engineering and architectural evaluations
  • Maintenance, rehabilitation and preservation program development
  • Cost estimating
  • Community outreach
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