Sail River Heights Subdivision

Sail River Heights Subdivision

Our unique approach to planning and development of a new housing community on the Makah Indian Reservation focused on providing a learning process for tribal members, establishing a new tribal enterprise, creating housing that is sustainable and built for the environment,  and educating future owners on the responsibility of ownership and the principles of home acquisition.

 The final Sail River Heights Subdivision Master Plan embodies the sustainable design guidelines and desired site and housing amenities of the Makah community, providing  a mix of home sizes and types, a community center, and recreational facilities designed to meet Washington State Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards.  Design incorporates Low Impact Development (LID) criteria such as clustering homes to keep larger portions of the site in a natural state, using pervious surfaces and rain garden/swales to manage stormwater on site, and creating community garden and recreation areas.  Approximately half the site will be preserved as open space. The “green” design incorporates the use of regional building materials, energy-saving appliances, and tight, but well-ventilated building envelopes to prevent moisture and mold penetration, and keep air quality high and energy costs low.

Community involvement took the form of planning “eco-charrettes”, open houses, and community meetings which served as venues to distribute information on the project and to review and solicit input on final plan development.


Project Details

Makah Nation
Neah Bay, WA

Services Rendered

  • Site Master Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Civil Engineering and Design
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Community Involvement
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