Salt Pond Restoration Project

Salt Pond Restoration Project

This design-build project restored 15,000 acres of salt ponds to natural marshlands in the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  One of the largest tidal wetland restoration efforts on the west coast, the project involved reconfiguration of the 240-acre industrial salt pond to create islands for nesting birds and shallow water habitat for shorebird foraging.

Two water control structures, two steel-frame wildlife viewing platforms, and numerous berms and islands were constructed, in addition to raising levees by 1-2 feet.  Akana civil and structural engineers provided engineering and design for levees, outlet canals, and berms as well as plans for the nesting islands, trailhead, and viewing platforms.  We also worked with the contractor to capitalize on value engineering opportunities, ultimately identifying over $130,000 in project cost savings.

The soft soils of the tidal marsh areas and the need for fine control over water depths and flow rates presented challenges for the design-build team.   Part of the restoration plan involves breaching levees to allow tides to flow back into the ponds, which will allow them to become natural marshlands once again. While this will do much to restore habitat, it presented challenges for flood control.  Innovative design of water control structures achieved  target water depths, adequate flushing to ensure water quality, protecting the perimeter levee and bike path from flooding and habitat management flexibility.  Public access features such as the trails and the viewing platform were designed to enable public interaction with the pond wildlife without interfering with nesting birds.


Project Details

Triton Marine for U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
San Francisco, CA

Services Rendered

  • Civil Design and Engineering
  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Services
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