SpoKo Water and Sewer Infratructure Design

SpoKo Water and Sewer Infratructure Design

Akana’s engineering team provided final design and engineering for water and sewer facilities to support commercial development on land owned by the Spokane Tribe of Indians.

The project, located on a 40-acre site just west of and adjacent to the City of Airway Heights, represents an important first step in the development of the Spokane Tribe Economic Plan (STEP), a planned mixed-use development intended to create new jobs, support local businesses, boost tourism in the region, and provide new resources for community members.  Facilities were designed to meet the immediate water and sewer service needs for the first phase of the STEP project, but just as importaSpoko Water Wastewaterntly, to form the utility “backbone” on which much of the future development will be supported.  Water and sewer mains were sized for the full build-out of the STEP project, and provisions were incorporated into the design to allow for the connection and extension of water and sewer mains to serve future development phases.

Project Details

SpoKo Construction, LLC
Spokane, WA

Services Rendered

  • Water and Wastewater Facilities Design
  • Construction Management
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