SR 20 Intersection Improvements

SR 20 Intersection Improvements

Akana civil and structural engineers were part of a team providing preliminary engineering and design of safety improvements to SR 20 acceleration and deceleration lanes and adjacent intersections near the northern end of the Swinomish Indian Reservation in Washington State.  Our services focused on stormwater system design, structural design of retaining walls, and preparation of related contract documents.

Major elements of the project included:

  • Investigate characterize, and prepare preliminary design improvement to eastbound and westbound SR 20 acceleration and deceleration lanes
  • Investigate, characterize and recommend adjacent intersection design improvements
  • Preparation of detailed report with alternates and preliminary estimates on design options
  • Preparation of PS&E for the construction of the selected improvements.


Project Details

Swinomish Indian Tribe
Swinomish, WA

Services Rendered

  • Stormwater System Design
  • Structural Design of Retaining Walls
  • Contract Documents
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