TAT Tribal Government Building

TAT Tribal Government Building

In response to the growing demands of tribal government, the Three Affiliated Tribes of Ft. Berthold authorized planning to develop a tribal government headquarters.  With the support of Group West Architects, Akana architects and engineers assisted the Nation in its planning efforts and developed a conceptual design for the new center.  In addition to government offices, the 125,000 s.f. building will include Council Chambers, community meeting space, and a fitness center.  A two-level parking garage and a separate 11,000 s.f. maintenance building complete the center.

The goal of the project was to provide a central seat of government that brings government departments together and increases operational efficiency.  In the programming phase, we identified the physical requirements of each department to be accommodated in the building, their functional interrelationship, and general requirements for flexibility and expandability. Then, alternative conceptual site and space schematic concepts were identified, considering land utilization, structure placement, facilities development, development phasing opportunities, circulation, parking and landscape forms.

Placed on a hillside with a prominent view of the nearby lake, the center makes a significant connection between building and the Nation as a people of the Missouri River Basin.  Building design features two wings connected by and intersecting at a circular hub.  The central hub is inspired by the form and structure of the earth lodge in which they originally lived, and the central location of the Council Chambers reflects the strong democratic tribal government around which the nation and its many functions revolve.


Project Details

Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort Berthold
New Town, ND

Services Rendered

  • Site Planning
  • Programming
  • Conceptual Architectural and Engineering Design
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