Tsaile Dam Rehabilitation

Tsaile Dam Rehabilitation

Considered to be the highest priority project in the Navajo Nation portfolio of dams, Tsaile Dam deficiencies have been documented over the past 20 years with numerous studies, investigations, and reports.  Under our  A/E services contract with the Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Water and Power, the Akana team of engineers was tasked with moving the project forward through final design and construction to rehabilitate and restore the dam to full operation.

The project involves complete removal/replacement of the existing outlet works and modification of the embankment to address seepage and seismic stability deficiencies.  Our team identified and evaluated significant cost saving dam design and construction alternatives for the project, resulting in a project savings of approximately $4 million as well as improved safety and reduced impact to the community.  Alternatives included elimination of the bridge over the spillway, excavation of the spillway for construction material and improved safety, reconfiguration of the outlet to reduce or eliminate a potential failure mode, realignment of the temporary road for construction efficiency and safety, and embankment/outlet construction phasing for a single season construction.  Design was complete in 2013, and construction is schedule to be complete in 2015.

Project Details

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Water and Power
Navajo Reservation, AZ

Services Rendered

  • Civil Engineering and Design
  • Structural Engineering and Design
  • Dam Engineering and Design
  • Construction Management
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