Warm Springs Downtown Plan

Warm Springs Downtown Plan

Akana planners led the Warm Springs tribal community through a series of public meetings to develop a workable plan for redeveloping the historic civic center of the Reservation into a commercial and governmental services center for the community.

The Downtown Development Plan outlines an economic development strategy for realistic and attainable projects, including residential development to meet critical housing needs while enlivening the downtown area.  Akana planners and engineers evaluated infrastructure needs and determined specific improvements for utilities and streets.  In addition, a structural evaluation was conducted to determine which structures were suitable and could be feasibly rehabilitated and reused, along with estimated costs to bring those structures up to code and to meet ADA access.


Project Details

Warm Springs Confederated Tribes
Warm Springs, OR

Services Rendered

  • Land use planning
  • Civil and Structural Infrastructure Evaluation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Community outreach
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