Strategic Infrastructure Improvements Plan

Strategic Infrastructure Improvements Plan

The Akana team of planners, engineers, and a financial consultant developed a strategic infrastructure improvement plan that will support orderly and efficient infrastructure development on the Warm Springs Reservation in Central Oregon.

The plan, which addresses water and wastewater, solid waste, utilities, housing, and transportation infrastructure, involved a review of existing plans and documented existing infrastructure and O&M costs, identified future development needs and supporting infrastructure, prioritized improvement projects, and developed a strategy for implementation of projects including an overall time frame and financing plan.  Development of this Plan integrated our team’s engineering, planning and financial expertise with Tribal staff, key Tribal managers, and Tribal leaders.

The primary objectives of the plan were to develop a Community Infrastructure Plan based on a process that continually updates the Plan to meet the changing growth needs of the Warm Springs Tribes; coordinate the implementation of improvements with the Tribes’ annual budget; and provide a tool for tribal leaders, managers and staff that is “forward looking” and enables them to expand the infrastructure before new development occurs demanding services for which there is no available budget.


Project Details

Warm Springs Confederated Tribes
Warm Springs, OR

Services Rendered

  • Capital Improvements Programming
  • Land Use Planning
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Economic and Financial AnalysisCost Estimating
  • Public/Agency Outreach
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