Water, Wastewater + Stormwater Facilities

Akana’s civil, structural, environmental, mechanical, and electrical engineers work with federal, state, municipal, and private clients to provide the facilities that protect land and water resources and support residential, industrial, and commercial development. Wastewater systems have ranged from small on-site septic tank systems for local operators to larger regional treatment plants with more advanced treatment processes. We have designed water production, storage, distribution, and  treatment facilities and intelligent stormwater management systems employing innovative elements such as ecoroofs and green walls.

Streets + Highways

Akana’s street and highway design projects have ranged from rural, low-volume roads to major urban highways, from concept through design and construction.

Transit Facilities

Our transit experience started when the firm was established in 1990 and continues through today as we near completion of our involvement in the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project, the latest expansion of TriMet’s regional light rail system in Portland, Oregon.  Our services on this and other light rail systems have involved street and intersection design, civil and structural design for transit stations and other related facilities, systems engineering, utilities coordination, erosion control plans, and design and construction quality assurance.


Akana’s housing design services are focused on tribal housing and the infrastructure that supports it. Projects have included new housing and renovation of existing housing ranging in size from 9 infill units to more than 80 units and involving a wide range of federal and state financing mechanisms. The firm has extensive experience working with Federal government agencies that have programs or funding available to tribes, and we are familiar with their contracting procedures, design standards, environmental documentation, permitting and project closeout procedures.

Public Buildings

From concept through construction, Akana provides A/E design services on commercial, industrial, institutional, and cultural building projects.  We place a strong emphasis on teamwork and client participation, combining a clear understanding of project goals and expectations and our experience and technical expertise to produce creative, attractive, and sustainable designs.

Hatcheries, Fish Passage + Related Facilities

Akana civil and structural engineers have provided design and engineering services on projects ranging from conceptual development through final design and construction for fish hatcheries, fish passageways, diversion structures, and habitat enhancement, including design of new hatcheries and modification of existing facilities, site civil design, design of related water supply, pumping and electrical systems; hatchery intakes; egg isolation facilities; acclimation sites; laboratories; diversion/intake structures; and predator prevention.

Site Development

Akana provides a full range of site design and engineering services for residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, institutional and cultural developments. We assist our clients from conceptual planning, through environmental compliance, to site and infrastructure design and construction of new neighborhoods and mixed-use developments, subdivisions, office complexes, community centers, cultural centers and museums, and casinos/resorts.

Design Quality Assurance

Akana supports various federal and state agencies, municipalities, regional authorities, with Design QA on a variety of different projects involving complex facilities, transportation infrastructure, marine structures, tunnels and subsurface utilities and numerous other types of design.  We prepare Design QA Plans that address client requirements, identifying key QA deliverables and activities, benchmark them into the project schedule, and make certain that the QA infrastructure is established early on in the process. Our quality assurance specialists understand the complexities and constraints of the design team, and because each of our quality assurance personnel has worked in the construction industry an average of 30 years, we can anticipate construction quality issues before they happen.