Land Use Plans

Akana staff has been involved in various land use planning projects, including area-wide land use plans, plans for local units of government, and site plans for specific development or redevelopment areas.  Our skills also include strategic planning, preparing development codes, land use permitting and environmental support documents, and developing and implementing public outreach programs.

Transportation Planning

Akana planners have been involved in reservation transportation planning since 1986, developing reservation transportation plans for more than 150 Tribes and inventorying over 7,500 miles of road over the past 20 years.  We have an established record of successfully developing plans that address tribal needs and development objectives, as well as meet federal requirements.   We work closely with the tribal officials and tribal members to identify and define improvement projects, identify funding sources, and develop of schedules and budgets for implementing high priority projects.   Akana personnel apply their knowledge of current federal transportation legislation, new funding scenarios, and road inventory and reporting requirements to provide clients with realistic plans and implementation schedules.

Site Master Plans

Akana provides site planning for residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, cultural, and service/governmental developments. Past projects have involved conceptual site planning of new neighborhoods and mixed-use developments, new housing and renovation of existing housing and related facilities, and office buildings, community centers, cultural centers and museums, casinos/resorts, and wellness centers.

Capital Improvements Programming

Our staff has recent and relevant experience in assisting clients developing and implementing Capital Improvement Programs for cities and tribes. Recently, the firm completed a long-term infrastructure strategy for the Warm Springs Tribes that included developing a 6-year CIP for roads, utilities, housing, and major building construction. Staff has also developed numerous CIPs for implementing tribal transportation plans.

Environmental Studies

Akana personnel are routinely involved in preparing Environmental Assessments and Checklists for various development projects, and they have been involved in teams preparing Environmental Impact Statements. Our staff also provides environmental permitting support and RCRA Enforcement and is qualified to perform Phase I and II Site Assessments.

Environmental Due Diligence

Akana environmental engineers and scientists perform environmental due diligence services including site investigation and reporting, Phase I and II site assessments, risk review and management assessment, liability characterization, and NORM surveys.