At Akana, we celebrate a collaborative culture where employees are empowered to find integrated solutions that benefit our clients, communities, and the living world in which we work.

PEER Committee

The PEER Committee is dedicated to fostering positive connections between employees which facilitates stronger lines of connections, leading to better project workflows and an all-inclusive culture. Positive Employee Engagement and Relationships is more than an acronym, it’s a belief that we can create an environment that is inviting and welcoming to everyone.

• Create events that support our staff and our local businesses.

• Facilitate company events and retreats.

• Help organize ways to participate in charity events and giving.

• Provide forums for online meets and games to bring distant offices closer.

• Organize after work employee activities and hobby shares.

• Coordinate with other company committees to promote safety, environmental awareness and cultural diversity.

Mental health and wellbeing is a top priority and we strive to come up with new and fun ways to achieve the highest levels of positive personal relations. We believe strongly that having a positive outlook can greatly improve our working environment and business relationships, not just here at AKANA, but also with other companies and people we work with in this industry.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee leads sustainability initiatives at Akana and strives to ensure we are conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner. We advocate for sustainability through a variety of approaches – addressing corporate and workplace practices, offering employee education, and engaging with our local community.

• Sustainability Committee initiatives and responsibilities include:

• Implementing energy saving and waste management practices at our offices

• Establishing goals and implementing policies to reduce the environmental impact of our work and travel practices

• Providing education and trainings on sustainability topics

• Organizing staff enrichment tours to innovative, sustainably designed facilities and sites

• Connecting employees to events and resources related to sustainability

• Integrating sustainability into our design practices and our work with clients

• Assessing environmental practices at Akana on an annual basis

The Sustainability Committee is always looking for ways to expand our impact and foster new connections. Employees who are interested in becoming environmental champions, at work or at home, are encouraged to join our team!

Safety Committee

At Akana, safety, whether it be in the office or on a jobsite, is our number one priority. The Akana Safety Committee is committed to sustaining a safe work environment which dynamically involves all employees in recognizing, preventing and correcting workplace safety issues to lessen accidents and injuries. We are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of all Akana employees through education and awareness with the definitive goal of reducing or eliminating workplace accidents. In carrying out its mission the Akana Safety Committee strives to perform the following actions:
• Involve employees in safety
• Empower employees to take safety seriously
• Educate staff and provide tools to completing the work safely.
• Lower the rate and severity of accidents and injuries
• Maintain a safe environment for employees
• Involve all employee involvement in safety programs
• Develop procedures to increase and uphold safety awareness
Maintaining a safe working environment is Akana’s TOP priority and is a personal goal of every Akana employee. The Akana safety committee is devoted to providing proper training, mentoring and holding all employees accountable for their own safety and the safety of others around them.
Akana believes in ‘Always Keeping a Safety Attitude.’