Cooper Zietz Engineers, Inc. (DBA Akana) performs a wide variety of federal work related to engineering, architecture, planning, environmental and construction services. 

GSA Schedule: Federal Supply Group: Professional Services 

Contract ID: GS-10F-0337 (Contract Period: 8/9/2007 – 8/8/2027) 

SIN codes: 541330ENG, 541380, 541420, 541715 and Order-Level Materials (OLM) 

NAICS codes: 541330, 541380, 541420, 541715 

Partial Client List

The following non-inclusive list represents a sampling of the types of engineering tasks that Akana can complete under the MAS Schedule: 

+ Acquisition and life cycle management  

+ Analysis of program goals, mission, objectives, performance  

+ Assessment Support  

+ Computer Aided Design (CAD) 

+ Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)  

+ Computer Aided Management (CAM)  

+ Concept development  

+ D&D (decontamination and decommissioning)  

+ Demonstration and Validation 

+ Design/Specifications of engineering nature not associated with real property  

+ Documentation and Information Dissemination 

+ Economic/Business case analysis  

+ Economic impact evaluations  

+ Education/training  

+ Environmental control for electrical units (e.g., cooling units) 

+ Forensic engineering  

+ Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)  

+ Information services (studies, impact statements, program development, project documentation, data collection, data analysis/evaluation, etc.)  

+ Instrumentation  

+ Integration  

+ Investigative Engineering Service  

+ Life Cycle Costing  

+ Logistics  

+ Long-term Reliability and Maintainability 

+ Migration Strategy  

+ Operations Research (Non R&D)  

+ Plan, organize, establish, implement, manage, maintain, upgrade and control of technical systems 

+ Privatization  

+ Program and Project management  

+ Regulatory compliance support  

+ Reliability and Maintainability Analysis  

+ Reverse engineering  

+ Special projects and studies  

+ Statistical analysis  

+ Support services  

+ Systems engineering data base development, maintenance, and analysis 

+ Technical analysis 

+ Technical and management support  

+ Technical writing/editorial support  


Architect-Engineering (A/E) Services as that term is defined in FAR 36.601-3 are excluded from the MAS Schedule. 

Systems and Facilities Engineering. Akana has significant experience in systems and facilities engineering, ranging from facility design to construction management, comprehensive system audits, and threat evaluation and emergency preparedness. We have worked with and developed numerous database applications to solve business management and facility management problems. Akana staff have overseen the installation of all types of facility systems, including power, electrical, fuel, HVAC, plumbing, security, IT, and integrated building management systems. Akana staff have completed condition assessments, facility commissioning and start-up, workplace safety audits, HAZOP analyses, and process performance testing. In addition, Akana engineers have project experience in process design and integrated control system design for HVAC and life safety systems.  

Process Instrumentation and Monitoring. Akana is well versed in the design and installation of various instrumentation systems. Our experience includes verification of proper application and installation; verification of proper power, signal, instrument air, and plant air connections; and functionality verification of instrument calibration and signal interface with integrated control systems. Akana staff experience with instrumentation and process control program management span a broad range of installations, including chemical weapons disposal facilities, nuclear and hydroelectric power stations, integrated chemical plants and refineries, cement plants, aluminum plants, coal-fired power plants, semiconductor, and other specialty manufacturing facilities. These applications have included a variety of different steam boiler and distribution systems; HVAC and life safety systems; pump controls; and natural gas, LPG, and other fuel storage and distribution systems. Akana engineers also are experienced in process design and design of integrated control systems and of fully automated, continuous, self-monitoring multi-station manufacturing lines. Specific instrument experience includes: + Ultrasonic, conductive, and RF level transmitters + Pressure indicators and differential pressure indicators/transmitters + SCADA systems, DDC systems, and PLCs + Mechanical and infrared position sensors + Thermocouples, thermistors, and other remote temperature sensing devices + pH and other chemical sensors + Continuous emissions monitoring systems + HVAC systems and controls and HVAC balancing + Electric and pneumatic control valves with and without feedback loops + Life safety gas sensors and automatic transfer switches + Liquid and gas flow monitors and transmitters + Electrical power installations including uninterruptible power systems, automated backup generation, and automatic transfer switchgear + Various motor speed sensors, transmitters and variable frequency drives  

Physical Security and Surveillance Akana has evaluated design basis threats and coordinated the development of design criteria and security plans with the federal, state and local agencies. We have coordinated security and threat evaluations of existing infrastructure, target sets, controlled areas and surrounding areas/terrain; developed overall design and implementation budgets and schedules; and supervised the implementation of physical security upgrades to existing features and installation of new security features.