Benton St. Extension, Colville Confederated Tribes

Omak, WA 

This project involves design of roadway improvements, parking and stormwater facilities to improve traffic circulation, maximize parking, improve drainage, and improve pedestrian access.  The project is being conducted under an aggressive schedule to ensure construction of the project gets underway as early as possible during the upcoming construction season.  

Traffic Circulation: The most heavily used areas of the existing project site have broad expanses of pavement where there is no clear distinction between parking area and travel lanes.  Conceptual plans call for a combination of curbs, striping and signage that can be used to channelize the traffic flow.  Some of the existing pavement will be removed and converted to landscaping, but the resulting plan should more clearly define the travel lanes while using the existing wide areas to add to the parking.

Maximize Parking: The site roadways provide access to a wide variety of service providers and activities, each of which needs its own parking, preferably as close as possible to each office or building.  The project involves a significant amount of new parking spaces to be added, as well as using curb and striping to more clearly define parking areas to make better use of existing paved areas.  

Improve Drainage: Inadequate drainage appears to be the cause of most of the pavement damage in the project site, leading to “alligator” cracking in the pavement, potholes, and subsidence.  In order to eliminate surface water ponding on the roadway and protect the investment made in the new pavement, stormwater runoff will be collected by a series of catch basins and directed by storm sewers to a series of storm ponds.  These facilities filter suspended solids, oils and greases, and other contaminants present in stormwater runoff through a vegetated layer prior to disposal by infiltration.   

Improve Pedestrian Access: Large numbers of children walk to the site to use the gym and other activities after school.  New sidewalks will separate the pedestrians from the auto traffic areas and street lighting will enhance pedestrian access during the winter months.