Investigation and Monitoring of Petroleum Impacts to Trust Resources, Shoshone-Paiutes of Duck Valley

Owyhee, NV 

Under contract to the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Akana is conducting an environmental investigation of soil and groundwater contamination associated with historical releases of heating oil in the town of Owyhee, Nevada (duck Valley Indian Reservation).  Heating oil was distributed to individual homes using underground piping and a central storage tank, and releases from the tank caused significant soil and groundwater contamination.  The BIA completed two actions to remove contaminated soil, and Akana is completing the investigation of residual contamination and will be completing feasibility study analysis for proposed remedial action to address residual contamination. 

The project scope includes completing a review of previous work completed at the site; evaluation of current compliance status with existing EPA Administrative Order; development of a compliance gap analysis; installation of new groundwater monitoring wells, abandonment of seven existing monitoring wells; additional field work to include sampling and groundwater monitoring; preparation of groundwater assessment reports; development of a Remedial Design Plan, and Remedial Implementation Work Plan; and conducting in person and teleconference project status meetings.