Fleet Services Building Commissioning and Code Reviews, Ross Complex, Mackay Sposito for Bonneville Power Administration

Vancouver, WA 

Akana provided commissioning and code review services for BPA’s new Fleet Services building at the Ross Complex in Vancouver, Washington.  BPA identified the need for a geographically and regionally based facility to support the maintenance, repair and service of BPA fleet vehicles.  The Ross Fleet Services Building project provides significant facility improvements to promote immediate operational efficiencies for the Agency and is designed to support BPA’s effort to maintain and repair service vehicles throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The building design also incorporates the systems and structures necessary to maintain immediate occupancy and functionality during and after a major seismic event. 

Our services included: 

  • Review of design intent and BOD documentation
  • Include commissioning requirements in the construction documents
  • Develop and utilize a commissioning plan
  • Verify installation, functional performance, training and documentation 
  • Complete a commissioning Report.

In addition to these main tasks, Akana completed a commissioning review prior to issuing the final construction documents, completed a selective Contractor submittal review for commissioned equipment, created a commissioning or systems management manual, and conducted an opposite-season testing and warranty or post-occupancy review.