Sackman Road Improvements, Suquamish Tribe

Suquamish, Washington 

Sackman Road, which serves an existing tribal subdivision, was in need of rehabilitation.  Akana provided engineering services during construction of the project which included repair and resurfacing of the existing road, construction of a new sidewalk along one side to improve pedestrian safety, and a pressure sewer to serve the housing area.  Sackman Road crosses Totten Road, a Kitsap County road classified as a Rural Collector, and continues south, providing access to the Suquamish Tribe’s Marion Forsman Boushie Early Learning Center and a sports field complex associated with the Early Learning Center.  A new 4-foot wide asphalt walking path was added by Tribe’s construction project from Totten Road approximately 220 feet south to an existing bus shelter, as well as curb ramps and crosswalk lines  at the Totten Road pedestrian crossing. 

A copy of the construction plans were submitted to Kitsap County Public Work Department for review and approval, and several design measures were incorporated into the Totten Road crosswalk to improve pedestrian safety in order to obtain approval of the proposed construction and obtain a Kitsap County Right-of-Way permit. These included advanced warning to oncoming motorists by the addition of two new two-sided rectangular rapid flashing beacons and the addition of a new street light at the intersection to improve visibility.