Siletz Cultural Center, Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

Siletz, Oregon 

Akana, in association with StastnyBrun Architects, developed a master plan for a cultural center for the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians composed of a museum and a collections/studio building.  Phase I of the project was initially started in 2006 with visioning, programming and concept design of a complex of cultural facilities on Government Hill in Siletz, Oregon.   The design team worked with the Tribe to establish facility programming, developed space requirements, selected construction materials, and provided consultation for curatorial needs, spatial planning, exhibit design needs, and other special needs.  At the time, funding was only available to build the collections building, which is a stand-alone facility specifically designed for preservation and archiving of cultural and historic material as well as for research and study.  The collections building was completed in 2009.   

In 2015, the Tribe contracted with Akana for Phase II design of the museum.  Akana completed conceptual design of the building at which point the project was put on hold due to funding issues.   The museum is being designed as an addition to the Tribe’s Community Center, also on Government Hill.  The materials pallet selected for the Cultural Center is similar to the existing Community Center—providing an ensemble of buildings rather than an icon that separates itself through material expression.