Brittany Faulkner, SHRM-CP, Chief People Officer

At Akana, we understand that our employees are our most valuable asset, and we strive to create a culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and empowering. We do this through what we call, “The Akana Way”.

The Akana Way is a set of principles and practices that provides our employees with a positive and supportive work environment, meaningful and challenging work, competitive compensation and benefits, and opportunities for professional and personal growth. The Akana Way recognizes that each individual employee is on their own path, and we strive to support that path, wherever it may take them.

One of the key components of the Akana Way is our focus on providing our employees with a positive and supportive work environment. We do this through competitive compensation packages and a comprehensive benefits program. This includes things like company-paid health insurance, retirement plans, a paid time off program with flexible and hybrid work schedules, to allow employees to balance their work and home life. We invest in our employees, so they have peace of mind that relieves stress at work and at home.

Another important aspect of the Akana Way is our commitment to providing our employees with meaningful and challenging work. We understand that our employees want to be challenged and to work on projects that make a difference. We provide our employees with opportunities to work on exciting projects that they can connect with and see how it will influence the built world around them. We also encourage our employees to get involved in the community, through volunteerism and community engagement, so they can learn and relate with those that we serve and create a sense of belonging among our employees and in the different communities we serve.

At Akana, we understand that our employees are our best contributors and source of talent, and we make every effort to provide our employees with the opportunity to advance and push their careers within the company in the direction they are most passionate about. By encouraging open and honest communication from all levels of the firm, we can learn what matters most to employees and help them advance through professional development, training and mentorship opportunities so that our employees can build their skills and advance in their careers.

By, following the Akana Way, we can attract and build a strong, collaborative, and tenured team that is dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to our clients while providing our employees with the security and support they need to focus on their work, advance their careers and make a difference.